Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness 
Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Stratford, Ont

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Offer an easy way for employees to de-stress without leaving the building

Group yoga classes with a variety of syles offered


Classes designed to deepen your yoga practice in a variety of areas.
Corporate Yoga
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Connect to Your Authentic Self...

1-Day Meditation Retreat

The Om Dome Troy, Ontario
Nov 10th 2019 

Join Mandy for a day of self-care and self-inquiry as we dive into a journey for peaceful living, bye, bye stress! This is a wonderful opportunity to experience what a day of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation can do for the balance of mind/body/soul. The retreat is designed to develop an understanding of how the practices of meditation & mindfulness cultivate space in the mind, filter reactivity and initiate freedom from past conditioning ... Continue Reading

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Drop-In Yoga Classes and Programs for 2019
Restorative Yoga Series
restorative Yoga, yoga for stress, intro to yoga, kw yoga, Waterloo yoga
Progressive programs to transform your habitual stress responses specificaly with the mind/body relationship.
Let's de-stress!
meditation for beginners, mindfulness yoga, kitchener mindfulness classes, meditation waterloo, private yoga
Intro to Meditation Online Series
A series that allows us to let go once and for all, weaving in pranayama, intention setting and self-inquiry
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Find the yoga workshop to deepen you pratice in these 2hour intensives! Moon Yoga, Sound Baths, Chakra Cleansing are some of the few available!
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"As a teacher, triathlete and student, I find comfort in practicing yoga. Attending Mandy's classes supports my body, health, and well-being. No matter how I show up at the yoga studio, energized, exhausted, emotional, calm, Mandy is the type of instructor who creates an atmosphere where the class unfolds in the exact way that I need. I can't help but leave feeling at peace, calm and content. Her lighthearted demeanor, relaxed presence, and a welcoming smile are what draws me to attend her classes. I know she will guide me, with accurate cues, and gentle adjustments for proper alignment. I trust being under her direction. Thank you Mandy, for helping me be the best teacher, athlete and student I can be."

- Jenna Hoffman