Youth Yoga 

Yoga for teens can provide new ways to find mental clarity, process emotions in a constructive way and learn to have a balanced life. ​​

Studies have show yoga for teens can:

- Increase proprioception
- Develop self confidence
- Calm their nervous system
- Revitalize low energy
- Temper hyperactivity
- Enable letting go of the tendency to be critical of one’s self and judgmental of others
- Encourage self-trust by valuing one’s internal voice

- Give tools to cope with stress off the mat
- Continue to build strong values and respecting their fellow teen

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Class Breakdown

The classes are designed to incorporate an honoring of values, stress management tools and a building of community within the group. Mandy follows The New Leaf model for a class where we have the mats in a circle and a taspestry in the middle with a candle. We open class with a talking piece and proceed to lay the foundations for each students values to be honored and respected. The students would have to come up with a value that they honor and respect of someone they're close to and agree to implement it in each of our sessions. For example, students will often say 'Trust' or 'Listen when I'm speaking' - having these values builds respect and trust amongst the group and with the teacher.
The middle of the class consists of either hatha or yin yoga based on the energy level of the group and will be woven with an intention the students can use in their daily life.
We close class with a min 5 min relaxation and breathing technique before doing a final checking with how they are feeling. Each class they are given a question to consider and answer for the next session.

Below is a description of the yoga

  1. Yin Yoga: Breathing tools for stress, stretching and creating controlled tension to increase blood flow to joints
  2. Hatha Yoga: Movement, strength and flexibility based classes designed based on the kids energy level 
  3. Mindfulness: The breathing tools taught through the practice as well as the 5 min relaxation posture at the end.

60 min session

(8 class minimum) 

$75 + HST

75min session

(8 class minimum) 
$85 +HST

Please contact for one-time session pricing
+$1 per additional student over 14 max 20
Prices include blocks and straps

We strive to be accessible. Please contact us with any questions about getting Yoga into your school or facility. We're always open to discussion for unique circumstances.