Style of Classes

  1. Hatha
    This is the traditional yoga practice in which poses are held for 2-3 minutes each. It uses asymmetrical postures to build proprioception, strength and flexibility. It also balances the nervous system and increases our understanding of breath.
  2. Vinyasa (flow)
    A flowing sequence where each movement has a corresponding breath. This series has the added challenge of finding harmony between breath, body and mind in a faster-paced class. A base understanding of yoga postures is recommended.
  3. Yin
    Yin is a slow floor practice with 5-8 postures per class. It uses blocks and straps to create support for the bone structure, in order to release muscles and joints. Deep conscious breaths and longer holds help to counter the effects of a hectic lifestyle.
  4. Yang/Yin
    Have your cake and eat it too! Yang/Yin is the perfect combo of movement (Hatha or Vinyasa) and Yin for a balanced class. A great option for those who sit for long periods and need both activity and strength building
  5. Beginners Yoga
    A Hatha-based class designed for persons new to yoga or exercise. This class is comprised of slow, accessible movements, with added emphasis on creating effective breath and making movement accessible to your unique needs.
  6. Rest and Renew
    A Restorative based practice with the inclusion of a short meditation at the end. We will use gentle movement to open up the body, a short savasana and then seated meditation. An excellent class for an over-stimulated body and/or mind.
  7. 50+ Yoga
    This type of class builds an understanding of the natural aging process that affects the bones and nervous system. Whether it's years of playing soccer or if you're an avid runner, find accessibility and mobility in this class.
  8. Slow Flow
    This flow is broken down to be slower than the normal Vinyasa Flow. This is a great option if you want to learn better alignment and understand the breath-by-breath movement whilst in the midst of a flow. An extended rest period is included at the end.
  9. Seasonal Practice
    A sequence designed for the conditions of the current season, based on the understandings of Indian Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest holistic healing traditions. Balance your body and mind with a practice designed to realign your energy.