Have you ever wanted to know more about yoga beyond the class? Dive deep into your practice with these 2-3 hour intensives to broaden your knowledge on a variety of yogic topics. Mandy explores the layers of yoga to infuse your current practice and life.​
Why are workshops a great addition to your practice?

Workshops are like continuing education on life where each one is like getting a piece of a bigger picture. These intensives give you the opportunity to explore ancient lineages and knowledge that has been passed down from teacher to student. The knowledge and inquiry within each workshop open the mind to seeing your life in a fresh way. Each workshop offers something to help you not only be your best self but to take the time to connect with yourself in this life. 
How are they designed?

Workshops with Mandy are designed to inspire a deeper connection to self and infuse practices that encourage balance in your life. The classes are composed of Philosophy, Psychology, and Physiology to build a complete understanding of each subject matter. Workshops are 1-3hrs with a lecture, some discussion with Q & A and an asana practice (1hr, 75min or 90min)

Some may include:

- A 'Reflections' follow-up e-mail (The 'nuggets' of your session, tools to integrate the knowledge into your life and extended offers)
- A product that is in line with the topic
- Aromatherapy or incense
- Handouts
- A recording of the workshop lecture or asana practice 
Feel like a beginner? No worries, all classes are created like building blocks, the material will meet you where you are in your practice.

2020 Workshops

Full Moon Lunar Yoga Workshop

Cost: $30
Location: Online Live Workshop

Manifestation, Meditation & Yoga
Join Mandy as she explores the ancient yogic wisdom behind moon cycles and their relationship to our physiology and phycology; exploring the environmental & spiritual connection. In this class, we will connect to the 'manifest' & 'release' practices for the next 6 months whilst opening to new possibilities for our lives.
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All Worshops Are Non-Refundable
(May change into a Credit for future use)

Reiki & Chakra Soundbath Specialty Class
June 2020 Tba
Cost: $52
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: Tba

Join Mandy & Natasha for an evening of self-care and release. Join us as we explore the ebb and flow of the sacral chakra in restorative yoga postures, reiki and sound journeying...

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All Worshops Are Non-Refundable
(May change into a Credit for future use)