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Wild Heart Women's Retreat

The Om Dome Eco Retreat Centre
September 27-29th​, 2019

Earlybird July 20th $378+HST & Accommodation
Regular $432+ HST & Accommodation

Tasha, Mandy and Women alike will gather this Autumn for a weekend of connection, love, and rejuvenation!

This weekend invites you to reclaim the sacred space of your Heart and the Divine Feminine within. Together, women among women, we will explore our innate fierce power, whilst cultivating a nurturing relationship to our whole selves and our own divinity as women on this Earth.

Mandy and Tasha have designed this retreat with intention steeped in empowerment. Each active (external) and passive (internal) activity has a role in cultivating acceptance, love, and surrender. This weekend is meant to be an intensive experience, where we will disconnect from Chronos (clock time) and explore time in nature, women’s circles, sound healing, yoga, meditation, fire ceremony, ecstatic dance, as well as in free time for reflection and self-connection.

Alongside your daily activities, all meals will be beautifully crafted for you. These nutrients rich plant-based meals will play an important role in fueling your body and mind along with your workshops and classes. There will be a limited number of on-site accommodations available, as well as space for students who would prefer to have an ‘Urban’ Retreat, driving to and from their home each day.

Please join us this Autumn, and come together as women in community. It is time to let yourself be seen, heard, loved and embraced. Let your divine feminine rise, and together we will uplift each other, opening into our wild, boundless Hearts! 

Are You Ready to Heed the Call?

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The valley spirit never dies;
It is the woman, primal mother.
Her gateway is the root of heaven and earth.
It is like a veil barely seen.
Use it; it will never fail.
—Lao Tsu, Tao te Ching

Your Retreat Includes:

🍂  Welcome Tea!
🍂  Oracle card or Runes reading upon arrival
🍂  Opening Ceremony: Getting Clear on Your Intentions & Connections
🍂 Stay-cation or Optional 2 nights Tent or Yurt (1) accommodations (additional charge)
🍂  All meals deliciously plant-based by Allison Orr of Wild Flours Baking
🍂  All Day Tea & Mid Day Apple Cider

🍂  Cozy Yurt Shala with a wood-burning stove for all yoga classes/workshops
🍂  5 Yoga Classes geared to reconnect you to your Divine Feminine & Wild Heart Within

🍂  Storytime & Sound Bath Meditation
🍂  Women's 'Hear Me Roar' Circle
🍂  Walking Meditation Hike with Drum & Vocal Tones
🍂  Fire Ceremony 

🍂  Ecstatic Dance
🍂  Unplugging as a way of energy activism (get your nature on) No cell phones or computers!
🍂  Free time: full access to nature grounds for silent reflection walks, meditation, etc
🍂  Reflective Journaling

The retreat is all-inclusive except accommodations (see below for options). The Luna Project (Om Dome) is only 30min from Downtown Kitchener & Hamilton, 35min from Waterloo and 16 min from Cambridge; yet you feel like you've been whisked away to a nature reserve far from any city! This means you can choose to do a Stay-cation, where you go home each evening and rejoin in the mornings! See Your Retreat Offerings Below!

Email Mandy to Reserve Today!

All About Your Retreat

The Om Dome @ The Luna Project

625 Sager Rd, Troy, ON L0R 2B0, Canada

A hub for nurturing our connection to nature, this center was chosen for its quiet connectivity and continued dedication to revitalizing the land it shares. The Om Dome eco-retreat is nestled in the heart of a magical forest, with a 700 square foot (circular) yurt, in the heart of the Luna Project's homestead of sprawling forests, yurts, trails, farm and wetlands. The Om Dome yurt is a 100% sustainable, off-grid center; powered by solar panels & wind turbine and heated with wood stove in the cooler seasons.

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Accommodation Options

Guests have 3 options for retreat accommodations that will be added to the retreat base pricing, 1 Yurt with Twin beds (max 2 students), Rustic Living Tents or Staycation Distance Learning (no cost!). Since the retreat location is close to all major cities by 16-35min, we're offering students the option to join the retreat activities while returning to the comfort of their own bed! We recommend staying onsite if possible to absorb the most from the retreat days. The site is completely Eco-friendly with an outdoor shower (heated) & outdoor washroom facilities. So if this level of intimacy with nature isn't best for you, the Staycation Distance Learning or Yurt will be an option.

Stay Onsite

Rustic Living Tenting 
These are completely waterproof & breathable Vinyl Tents equipt with a Thermarest and sleeping bag. You won't have to share your space with anyone except for the intimate sounds of nature around you.

2 nights

Off the Beaten Path Yurt
This Yurt is Glamping at it's coziest! Enjoy a weekend in nature, with a little more comfort. There is (1) Yurt with 2 twin beds. You can be paired with a roommate or entice a friend to join you!

2 nights
$149+hst per person (bring a friend save $50)

* Please note all meals are included whether you choose a Stay-cation or on-site accommodations. We can not take any meals out of the weekend if you decide to arrive late or leave early, sorry!​ 

Relaxation & Renewal

Woman's Circle: Hear Me Roar
In this intensive workshop, you will be initiated into the sacred space of circle work. When women sit in circle together, they can peel back the layers of patriarchy and reclaim the divine feminine in strength. Through a series of facilitated “rounds”, our group will build a safe container to cultivate intimacy, trust, and vulnerability, before we practice a process for re-writing narratives and re-wiring body and mind connections into new patterns. In closing, each woman will leave with a new found tool for self-reflection and healing.

Yoga, Sound Bath & Meditation
Each day we will have yoga sessions to release old stories and step into the divine woman that we have always been. Through the use of Movement, Sound, Story & Meditation, Mandy and Tasha will weave intention through the mind/body relationship re-igniting positive relationship with oneself. Class styles such as restorative, yin, hatha and gentle flow will be included and accessible to all levels!

Fire Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance
We will delve deep into the connection between body and spirit in dance as we release our judgments and invite in the essence of play, curiosity, and sisterhood; fostering the body-spirit connection. It is called ecstatic dance because if you truly surrender, and you compassionately accept yourself and others, you will experience the ecstasy that comes from undiluted, authentic movement and self-expression. With weather permitting, we will dance our hearts under the new moon, basking in the lunar energy of intuitive awakening.

Nature Reconnect
Explore the pristine beauty of the Luna Project grounds during free time with the encouragement to welcome nature as our reflective teacher. Leaving behind the technology of our world so we may step into letting go of low vibrations and the storylines that accompany them.

Your Retreat Days
 4:30-5:30 pm Arrival time (please be prompt, we will show you to your accommodations)
 5:30 pm  Welcome with Tasha & Mandy
 6:00 pm  Dinner
 7:00 pm  Opening Circle & Restorative Yoga

 6:30 am  Tea and coffee available
 7:00 am  Awaken Yoga Asana

 8:30 am  Breakfast & Free Time 
 10:30 am Woman Circle 'Hear Me Roar' 

 12:30 pm Lunch & Free Time
 4:00 pm  Restorative Yoga & Soundbath Storytelling
 6:00 pm  Dinner & Free Time
 7:00 pm  Fire Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance (later)
 9:30 pm  Fire Cap

 6:30 am  Tea and coffee available
 7:00 am  Awaken Yoga Asana
 8:30 am  Breakfast & Free Time 
 10:00 am Walking Meditation Hike & Circle
 12:00 pm Lunch & Free Time (Roam the grounds, Read, etc)

2:30 pm  Restorative Yoga
 4:00 pm  Closing Ceremony Circle & Goodbyes

* Please note the schedule is subject to change *

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Your Guides
Mandy Cochrane
Tasha Allain
Learn About Mandy
Learn About Tasha

Retreat Map & Contact

Retreat Address:
625 Sager Rd, Troy, ON L0R 2B0, Canada

All Reservations:
Mandy - mandyelizabethyoga@gmail.com
Cell: 226-929-3562

Limited Space, Get Your Spot!

All Retreats Are 50%Refundable up to 60-days prior to the retreat date, Non-Refundable thereafter.