Intro to Meditation: 8-Weeks
Location: Harmony Wellness Collective
Starts: Tuesday, Sept 17th, 7:15-8:30pm  
Registration Open - 4 spots left

Ever interested in meditation? This is an all accessible series where you learn step by step building blocks of physical & mental techniques for meditation. We will gradually build a practice that allows us to let go of stress and dissolve old patterns that no longer serve our higher selves. Each session will have a talk based on traditional paths of yoga & meditation so we can cultivate a deeper understanding and connection to our personal practice before sitting for meditation.

Handouts and online support are provided. Think you'll miss a day? Don't worry, you'll be sent a recording of the class to do at your leisure! Maximum Students 10

Investment: 8-weeks
Early: $162.75 ($18/class)
After Aug 21st $190
no drop-in available


Intro to Mindfulness 4-Weeks
Location Oct '19  
Registration TBA 

Join me for this series that will help cultivate the building blocks of deeper connection and mindful awareness in your life! We will explore how mindfulness can cultivate harmony in the body & mind by using accessible techniques that can be transferred from the classroom setting to daily living!
We will have a short discussion around the application & real-life situations for the techniques of the day and then put it into practice (yoga, walking meditation, breathing tools, etc). Each class will build on the previous session, giving a strong foundation for the student and planting the seed of conscious awareness living into the subconscious mind. Complete this series feeling a little lighter with the ability to apply what you've learned afterward.
Accessible to all, no experience required Maximum Students 10

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Aromatherapy & Candle Lit Restorative
Location: Harmony Wellness Collective
Starts: Weds Sept. 11th 7:30-8:45 pm 
Registration Open July 27th  2 spots left

Be completely soothed this summer in this 75min class where you're taken on a journey of passive release and subconscious healing. Through completely passive & propped postures the body & mind can let go into deep relaxation as you're supported by cues of mindfulness to ground the mind & uplift the heart. Your journey is completed with oil infusions, preparing you for a deep nights sleep. Excellent for those with insomnia or overstimulated lifestyle. 
Aromatherapy will be included in this class and at times palo santo or sage.
Yoga Nidra will be sprinkled in throughout the series! 

Maximum Students 10-12, min 6 to run.
Please note this is a new, larger space than Guidonian, with easy access from the highway and parking.

Investment: 8-weeks
Early: $162.75 ($18/class)
After Aug 25th $190

Drop-in $25 ( 
only if space allows


​​​*ALL Amounts have 13%HST included!

Be As You Are;
Restorative Yoga & Meditation
Oct'19 6-7:15pm | 6-weeks 
Southern Ontario Counseling Centre, St. Agatha Ontario

restorative yoga, aromatherapy yoga, kitchener yoga, meditation, mindfulness

Come home to yourself as you explore how to decrease reactivity and increase connectivity within your life.

Each week you will explore how to rewire your breath consciously, let go of old unhelpful patterns and wholeheartedly engage the present moment. Mandy will be using restorative postures as the gateway to reconnect the body and mind, as their disconnect is often the cause of our 'autopilot' reactivity. As the series builds, Mandy will introduce meditative tools to shift your unconscious patterning creating space & gentleness otherwise inaccessible.

Leave the series with the ability to apply the techniques to your daily life and a fresh connection to self. Accessible to all, no experience necessary.

Investment: 8-weeks
Early: $160
After Sept 20th $199
no drop-in available

Contact Mandy

*The commitment is to all 6 weeks, with one payment at the beginning, whether you can attend all the sessions or not. Please bring a mat, all other props will be supplied. 

Please note all payments are non-refundable, however, under special circumstances a credit may be issued. There are no credits for missed classes as the series above are bundled pricing.