Meditation Retreat

1-Day Immersion Waterloo, On
February 17th, 2018

Cost: $135+hst before Jan 5th
After $155+hst

Join Mandy for a day of self-care and self-inquiry as we dive into a journey for peaceful living.
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This is a wonderful opportunity to experience what a day of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation can do for the balance of mind/body/soul. Using the foundations of the yogic traditions, we will explore different forms of meditative practice that are designed to unravel samskaras (impressions, imprints) of the mind; filtering reactivity and connect to your inherent wisdom. Enjoy a vibrant lunch and freshly crafted juice, alongside some reflective writing in a new journal you'll receive upon arrival. The day will be complemented with a yoga session and dharma talks such as PEACEFUL LIVING and LOVING KINDNESS, setting the foundations to take the retreat into your daily life.
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The only requirement in joining is a willingness to be present and be with what comes up. 

Please note if there are financial restrictions to connect with Mandy directly.
Max. 15 participants.

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Your Schedule

7:00a-7:30a Arrival & Tea
7:30a Opening Circle ~ Intro to Meditation
9:15a  Yoga Session
10:45a Meditation
11:30p Catered Lunch & Journaling
12:30p Dharma Talk & Yoga Nidra
1:30p Your Daily Meditation
2:45p LIVE Kirtan (Mantra Meditation) with Betti & Bill of  ShantiMaya Kirtan
3:45p-4:15p Closing Circle

*Please note this schedule may be subject to change & there is reflective journaling time in between sessions

About the Retreat 

~* ~  Intention  ~* ~

To bring inward awareness & mindfulness - to release anger, hate, blame & shame with compassion, patience & understanding. To provide a space where students can have their own direct experience, aligning to a path of love & stepping into the peace that is their true nature.

~* ~  Who is this for?  ~* ~ 

Students who are at a place in their yoga journey of open inquiry, who needs a change, are seeking an expansion of love in their life & are ready for whatever that may entail. 

~* ~  How will this affect the world?  ~* ~ 

 Each individual changes themselves by connecting to their true nature and raising their vibration; causing a rise to the positive (sattvic) vibration of the world.
Reserve Your Spot

Guidelines for Your Day

  • Breakfast should be eaten either 6-6:30a in your own home ideally. The reason is to keep a clear digestion for our morning meditation.

  • Lunch will be catered in from Moonshine Juicery, details to be released closer to the date (type of juice and wrap). All meals are vegetarian (vegan/gluten free) on request.
Yoga & Meditation
  • Blocks, straps and meditation cushions will be provided for your classes. Mat available on request.

  • The yoga practice is accessible to all levels and is designed for opening the body for meditation, using tradition postures (warrior 2, forward fold, plow pose, etc).
What to Bring

  • Please bring your own yoga mat, however, if you don't own one, let Mandy know BEFORE the retreat and one will be brought to you (there are a limited supply).

  • Wear comfy clothing as we will be sitting and practicing throughout the retreat

  • A blanket for comfort and warmth

  • You will be provided with a journal so please bring a pen or pencil for notes and reflective journaling.

Your Teacher


Moonshine Juicery

305 Northfield Dr E, Waterloo, ON N2V 2N4
Take HWY 85 to the Northfield east exit, continue until you past Bridge Street until you come to Toman Drive. You can enter the driveway off of Toman Drive or off Northfield Drive. Moonshine is on the same block as Timeless Cafe.

Mandy Cochrane


All Retreats Are Non-Refundable
(May change into a Credit for future use)