Full Moon Workshop
​​​​Manifestation, Meditation & Yoga
Harmony Wellness Collective
Nov 12th ~ 7:00-9:15pm 
Cost: $35+ HST
Full Moons are a time to look at how our external world is influencing our internal sense of self. A beautiful moment to let go of what no longer serves our highest connections, ultimately opening up space for a new direction.​​

Mandy will guide an evening of introspection as we harness the unique energies of the August full moon. We will discuss the power and ritual behind the Lunar cycle and this year's theme of deconstructing belief systems about ourselves or our life circumstances. Through yoga and meditation, we will connect and cultivate intentions for the next 30 days with a focus on transmuting old barriers into powerful opportunities of growth and release. Leave with seeds planted and the energetic support to carry the intentions to fruition.

A Special Gift is included in each class!
Beginners welcome, ages 20-65.​

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"Happiness is your nature. It's not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking outside when it is inside."
~ Ramana Maharshi 
We will Explore:
What's Included:
~Wisdom of Moon Cycles 
~ Energetic Properties of the moon
~ Ritual of a Full Moon or New Moon
~ Reflective Journaling
~ Clearing Blockages in the Energetic Body

  1. Flow Yoga Practice
  2. Guided Meditation on Self-Inquiry
~ Intention setting for the next 30 days

~ A clear understanding of Moon Cycles, Eclipses and Manifesting Ritual
~ A Flow Yoga Practice & Guided Meditation
~ A Gift to support your practice!
~ All props except Mats
More about the full moon:

Full Moons are a time in the lunar month where the mind is invigorated with Prana. It is therefore considered beneficial to dedicate additional time to internal practices such as meditation, self-inquiry, and yoga. The full moon gives additional access to positive subtle energy, making any spiritual practices much more potent and causing the veil between the conscious and subconscious mind to thin. The very best time to meditate or practice yoga is at 12 midnight when the full moon is directly overhead and the sun is holding the direct opposite position.
Harmony Wellness Collective
151 Victoria St N, Kitchener

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