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Ayurveda is an ancient branch of yogic wisdom that harmonizes your body, mind and spirit with your natural, most balanced state in life. Using the tools of Ayurveda, such as daily routines, environment, diet, and pranayama, we can realign from imbalance or disease. Join Mandy to learn how preventative care is an integral part of the yogic lifestyle for lasting health.

What You Learn:

  • Your unique Dosha(s) (constitution vs. condition) through a Doshic test  ​
  • How the Doshas show up in your life like food, environment, speech, actions, etc. 
  • Recognizing imbalance symptoms and their treatment​
  • Speak to 'like attracts like' concept when dealing with rebalancing the Dosha's 
  • Choosing a yoga practice, food & environments for your dominant dosha or season for optimal balance
  • ​A 'Tri-Doshic" Twist yoga practice & meditation 
  • What is Ayurveda and why it’s a pillar of a healthy individual
  • What is health and the fundamental causes of disease
  • The Doshas
    • Each Dosha is broken down into it's Physiological and Phycological attributes plus its positive and negative states
    • Each Doshic elemental breakdowns​
    • What Season & time of day each Dosha dominates & how that relates to you (Ayurvedic Clock)
    • Best Herbs for each Dosha  
​After the Workshop, you will receive a follow-up email to support the journey to come, including:
​​A pre-workshop email

1 week prior to your class you'll receive a list of questions to answer through the week about your habits and routines.
Ayurvedic Tea​​

A 'Tri-Doshic' tea during class. Take some home at the end!

A Post-Workshop Package
A comprehensive toolkit to integrate the new information into your daily routines including: 
 The Ayurvedic Clock
Daily Ayurvedic Routines: A Step-by-Step Guide
Ayurvedic Nutrition Chart: A guide for the best foods to balance your Dosha
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Loving Words About Mandy's Workshops

'Attending an information session with Mandy Elizabeth is a step into balance and love. The light she sheds on the history of yoga, transitioning into breath work to support and enhance yoga practice as well as a tool to reduce stress and anxiety is invaluable.  Mandy’s thorough and well-paced presentation of the history through to hands-on experiential movement brings participants into a greater understanding of the importance of yoga and recognizing self as part of all that we encounter.  Her rich descriptions and loving support leave participants wanting more.  I am truly excited to experience further sessions that will promote my well-being and my relationship to others and nature.'
~ Teresa Munro