Mandy lives and breathes her yoga practice, embodying unconditional love on the path of divine oneness. For over 6 years, Mandy has been devoted to studying, practicing and experiencing the ancient practices of Yoga: Asana, Meditation, Ayurveda, Kirtan, Mantra, Jnana, Prayer, and Vedic Ritual. Mandy's gentle classes are layered with dynamic techniques to invoke transformation unique to each student. Her teaching style is said to be almost 'poetic' in nature and guides students on an experiential journey through self-inquiry and surrender; coming home to joy.

The foundation of her classes includes mindfulness, pranayama, and meditation (with or without movement) so one can find long-term reflection & release. You can expect bio-mechanical sequencing for any individual regardless of physical history (injury/trauma) or experience.

As a devotee on the path to her own spiritual awakening, you'll find Mandy traveling regularly to study with her beloved teachers: Ramananda Mayi, Lily Goncalves, and Amma Shri Karunamayi. As a full-time yogi, Mandy has completed 1500+ hours of certified training, and countless hours of experiential learning/daily practice. 

In her past time, Mandy build a life of love and sustainable living with her fiance Ian, go to the cottage and eat a lot of chocolate (even though it is inherently tamasic)!

Mandy teaches with experiential learning so students may discover their inherent happiness. By using self-inquiry and mindfulness techniques her students can recognize, accept and transform old psychological or physiological conditioning. Mandy wishes to hold a space where students can move from a place of fear to love, ultimately stepping into their best selves.

Affiliated Associations

E-RYT 200, E-RYT 500


Blooming Lotus Yoga'19
Advanced Training 100hrs
Advanced Meditation 50 hrs

Blooming Lotus Yoga '18
Advanced Training 100hrs
Meditation 50 hrs

Blooming Lotus Yoga '17
Meditation Training 50hrs  
Yoga Training 200hr 

The Yoga Conference'17 22hr
Rod Stryker, Seane Corn, Coby Kozlowski
Come Alive Coaching Workshop

The Yoga Conference'16 20hr
JP Tamblyn-Sabo: Koshas
Sryker: Breathing/ Biomechanics and Bandha,
Sattwa Vinyasa

Susi Hately Yoga Therapy

Kinesiology of Yoga 14.5 hr

The Yoga Conference'15 20hr
-Rod Stryker: Bio-mechanics/ energetics of Sequencing
-Marla Erickson: Yin Yoga

Frank Jude Boccio Mindfulness Meditation Training

Moksha Flow Vinyasa Training
Sean Corne Chakra/Flow
Moksha Yoga Hatha



ParaYoga Master Teacher Training 200hr - Master training, Vinyasa Krama, Tantra Shakti, Secrets of the Sutras, Pranalife Shakti

 New Leaf Foundation  'Reaching In, Reach Out Youth Training'

" Mandy is an exceptional, gifted, knowledgeable, Yoga Teacher. She inspires me to have the courage to find my best self on and off the matt. She instructs the perfect balance between breath and body alignment. She differentiates her instruction to provide an empathetic challenging practice for the most advanced yogi to an innocent yoga beginner. As she teaches she feels the energy her students provide in the room and intuitively knows how to use this energy as she guides her class. She makes insightful accommodations for her students and gently supports their individual practice. She is gifted at finding the spiritual sense of peace for all of her students. I genuinely feel a sense of gratitude for her expert instruction and thoughtful approach to yoga. She brings me closer to my own spirit and body well having fun at the same time. "

- Summer Lynn Carter

5 year Moksha Yoga Student, Forty Year Old mother of two, Elementary School Music Teacher and loving wife to the best husband in the world....